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Ashnikko - DEMIDEVIL

Wow, this mixtape really came out of nowhere. Even then, it's still one of my favorite releases of 2021. Ashnikko was a name that I recognized from projects like Brooke Candy's SEXORCISM and Jarreau Vandal's Anthology. I had never bothered to check out any of her solo songs until this mixtape hit the internet. Complete with tons of sexual references and trap infusions, DEMIDEVIL is one of the year's finest trap releases. Although lyrically, it's subpar, this mixtape is pure orgasm-inducing fun.

DEMIDEVIL might not be flawless, but the main point of this mixtape seems to show off the artistic capabilities of Ash. It explains why exactly there were so many singles leading up to this release. (all of them were absolutely fantastic, by the way) Those singles are some of the biggest highlights on this album. The other gem-part of this mixtape is the aesthetic that is set by Ash, most notably on lead single "Daisy". Ash is at her best on these songs, really flaunting her artistic skills. "Daisy" is one of the better examples of this, as it's easily her most popular song The indie-pop-rap production paired with the confident vocals help round off this banger of a track. "Toxic" is a mature follow up to this song, the theme of toxic masculinity is obviously important in today's internet world.

Perhaps the other songs don't have strong messages like the aforementioned, but they still have their purpose- to be catchy pop rap songs. Cry with singer Grimes is a perfect example of this. The vocal performance from Ash is memorable enough that even a rather short verse Grimes verse won't distract you so much. The hook is pop perfection- something that's been hard to say in 2020. The last highlight I'll mention is "L8rer Boy", a flipped cover of "Sk8ter Boy" by Avril Lavigne, pushing a feminist view on the original song (which earned the OG one some backlash)

if you're reading this, sorry for the low quality review. life has been fucking awful and i've lost all my confidence and energy.

Best: Daisy, Toxic, Deal With It, Slumber Party, Cry, L8r Boi, Good While It Lasted, Clitoris! the Musical
Worst: Drunk with my Friends
Score: 8.4/10

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