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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Dua Lipa’s second album “Future Nostalgia” combines all of the best aspects of both 80’s and 10’s pop together into twelve brief songs, proving her talent and uniqueness among the various amounts of pop sensations. In 37 minutes, Lipa shocks many listeners, myself included with hit after hit. The title is insanely accurate to the album, as the songs sport motivational messages and a bunch of throwback-type production with its own modern twist, truly making it feel nostalgic. This album takes the best of both time periods, and meshes them together to put her own unique spin on pop, and it is rewarding, to say the absolute least about it. Also shining in this light is Dua Lipa's charming voice; there is not one moment where the singer's spectacular vocals become dull. Each note sung is sung with life and utilized in the best ways possible. One last good thing to mention is that it's easy to take every second of the album in. No part is cringe nor outdated. It's just astounding. Dua must have seen one of her earlier hits “Lost in your Light” and decided to create an entire album that was reminiscent of that sound, and give it the old aesthetic as well. Without a single exaggeration or hyperbole, I can safely determine that Dua Lipa has made one of the most iconic albums of the decade. The lead singles are just as good as I remember them to be months ago.

Songs such as “Cool”; “Levitating”; and “Pretty Please” give this album such a strong replay value, these songs are insanely catchy and well produced, not to mention the rather strong writing that Dua has cooked up, separating herself from generic mall music. The song “Love Again” in particular is when this album truly shifts to true perfection. This song has a heavy 80’s, charm, and the buildup to the chorus and outro ties perfectly to the pop perfection that is “Break My Heart”. The album ends on a very high note with the artpop cut “Good in Bed”, along with the final outro “Boys will be Boys”, which sports yet another strong message.

It’s a bold claim, but just from her three short projects, I’m ready to call Dua Lipa one of the Queens of Pop. She’s already one of, if not the most acclaimed pop singer so far of the 2020’s, and she’ll only go up from here. This throne will be shared, of course, but if this is what pop will be like in the future, then please take me aboard.

Best Songs - Future Nostalgia, Cool, Don’t Start Now, Break My Heart, Physical, Levitating

Worst Song - Good in Bed

Score - 9.8/10

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