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Eminem Discography - Ranked

Eminem is probably my favorite rapper of all time, despite the insane backlash he has received over these last few years. Enough about that, I’m here to rank his extensive discography ”worst” to best.

12. Revival

Yeah, you probably saw this one coming. Although I don’t hate “Revival” as much as the average Joe, I can obviously realize that it’s the weakest album released by Eminem so far. Whether it be the dated Rick Rubin production, or the huge influx of pop features, little about this album goes right, and a full listen is grueling both to the ears and the soul.

Best Song - Arose

Worst Song - Need Me (feat. P!NK)

Score - 5.2/10

11: Kamikaze

Eminem’s 2018 surprise album is filled with cold bangers and sharp disses. However, for every good bar and metaphor, there’s a Jessie Reyes feature around the other end. Eminem’s take on trap may be a treat for his newer fans, but it’s unlikely to convince anyone to join his tight knit fanbase. Besides the aforementioned Jessie, all of the features fill the empty gaps in the songs where Eminem starts to slip up. Overall, a bit rushed but still, really not that bad.

Best Song - Lucky You (feat. Joyner Lucas)

Worst Song - Good Guy (feat. Jessie Reyes)

Score - 6.1/10

10: Infinite 

Eminem’s official debut doesn’t have much backbone to it. However, it’s still a rough sketch of what I really like, and Eminem in his prime really was undefeated. This is definitely one of Eminem’s best structured albums, and although Eminem’s raps here are always above average, some of the features and production choices bring this down, but these highs are outstanding.

Best Song - Infinite

Worst Song - Open Mic

Score - 6.7/10

9: Encore

Woah. Right off the bat, this is one of Eminem’s weirdest projects. It’s his first album to get a deluxe edition, and the tracks on the deluxe are better than most of the stuff here. It still has a lot of fun songs and the album as a whole makes me laugh each time I listen to it, and I have to give it props for that. If I don’t have fun with an album, it really isn’t worth listening to. Now, if you’ll excuse me I’ll be listening to Ass Like That for the next week.

Best Song - Like Toy Soilders

Worst Song - My 1st Single

Score - 7.1/10

8: Music to be Murdered By - Side B

Eminem‘s “Deluxe” edition to his 2020 album is so god-damn fun. ”Corny Lines” are nonexistent to me and I could give less of a shit. Besides that, this album is packed to the brim with fun trap beats, good features (besides...Skylar Grey), and throwbacks to Eminem’s earlier days. The same statement that I said about Kamikaze applies here. If you aren’t an Eminem fan, there’s a 90% chance that you’ll hate it and pass it off as “Corny”

Best Song - Discombobulated

Worst Song - Gnat

Score - 7.5/10

7: Recovery

Recovery is an incredibly important album to me. It’s what truly got me into pop music as a whole with big singles like “Love the Way You Lie”; “Not Afraid”; and “No Love”. It’s not a revolutionary masterpiece, nor am I trying to pass it off as one, but it’s just pure fun that I’m sure every young adult in the world can remember, seeing as this album took the world by storm. Not to mention, Eminem’s lyrical content is rather strong here, for such a mainstream orientated album.

Best Song - No Love (feat. Lil Wayne)

Worst Song - Untitled

Score - 7.6/10

6: Music to be Murdered By

Well, this is an odd choice to put so high. Not too many people even remember this album since it released early 2020 and didn’t have too many singles besides the explosive ”Godzilla” which features a chorus from late trapper Juice Wrld. While on “Kamikaze”, Eminem was dismissive of the new generation of music, he embraces them for the better and makes outstanding deep cuts such as “Lock It Up”; “No Regrets“; and the aforementioned “Godzilla”. While this album has some skips (see the Ed Sheeran track and the Skylar Grey track), it’s one of Eminem‘s strongest albums in a long time.

Best Song - You Gon Learn (feat. Royce Da 5”9’ and White Gold)

Worst Song - Leaving Heaven (feat. Skylar Grey)

Score - 7.7/10

5: The Marshall Mathers LP 2

“TMMLP2” is the sequel to what has often been regarded as Eminem's best album, and it serves as a celebration of everything that made him so likeable and iconic in the first place, with a lot of references to his older work and a lot of the record's sass and charm being driven from unapologetic rage, self-loathing and self-aware of every building block in his identity. It's a truly fantastic listen. The final few cuts are astounding. Honestly, this sudden jump in quality was unpredictable.

Best Song - Bad Guy

Worst Song - Asshole (feat. Skylar Grey)

Score: 9.1/10

4: Relapse

How do you morally explain this album? Strange? Weird? Gross? "Slim Shady" in this album references Jason from Friday The 13th many times, and references 10 different Serial Killers. Saying he's worse than all of them. He raps fantasizing raping all kinds of celebrities. His best songs are the ones talking about him recovering from his drugs addiction. Was it on purpose a little bit after this album dropped he actually did relapse? And people ask me how do you find this album enjoyable? and...I don’t know. I consider it a flawed masterpiece.

Best Song - Same Song & Dance

Worst Song - We Made You

Score - 9.4/10

3: The Slim Shady LP

This is definitely one of Eminem's greatest moments in music. “TSSLP” is a raw, crude, and fun record that doesn't take itself seriously at all. I definitely feel Eminem's lyrical ability here is overlooked, each track's stories and lyrics are so brilliantly delivered. The events he describes come out to be become as vivid as a real horror movie. This album definitely isn't for everyone. I can see how maybe some might find the words here corny or cringe but for me, it's Eminem being funny.

Best Song - If I Had

Worst Song - Cum on Everybody

Score - 9.7/10

2: The Eminem Show

This album is full of classics. We see Slim Shady, Eminem, and Marshall Mathers on here and it never seems like a clusterfuck despite all of the different content. In otherwords, this album is organized very nicely and has a lot of variety. This was for lack of a better word the "maturest" we had seen Eminem so far, and it was really cool. Choosing a favorite song off of this album is practically impossible because of the endless talent the Eminem demonstrates on his fourth studio album. I have a deep connection to this album, so I can’t bring myself to score this lower.

Best Song - Sing for the Moment

Worst Song - Drips

Score - 10/10

1: The Marshall Mathers LP

Oh man, where do I start with this album? The Marshall Mathers LP is by far my favorite rap album of all time and my second favorite album of all time, hands down. “TMMLP” shows the mind of a psycho. A deranged, drug-addicted psycho that’s...now the most popular rapper of all time. The mix between g-funk, boom bap, and horrorcore production is extremely masterful. Raps are on point, same with the features. Just...a masterpiece all around.

Best Song - The Way I Am

Worst Song - Are you...serious?

Score: 10/10

Discography Rating - 8/10

Favorite Song - Sing for the Moment

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