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Megan Thee Stallion - Good News

Review Summary: Megan Thee Stallion’s debut album is a wild blast of an album that seems like a sell-out at first, but there are some major highlights thats make this worthwhile.

Megan Thee Stallion returns to the rap scene with her debut album, Good News. Her first mainstream EP, Suga had some really bright spots, but at the end of the day it was hindered by Megan choosing generic instrumentals at times, and using boring effects and reverb on her vocals, especially during the last leg of the EP. Her next project Fever was a great mixtape that showed her improvement in almost every way. This album comes pretty close to the quality of Fever.

Megan has regained what made her stand out from other female rappers with her last tape. Minor problems come in some autotuned hooks, they either just sound awkward, or are from an artist who Megan doesn’t have any chemistry with. However, these moments don’t compare to the issues that hindered Suga so much. What’s important here is Megan herself, and she’s back on her game and confident and bold as ever. Sure, her lyrical ability isn’t the greatest but it’s really intriguing how overly raunchy her lyrics can be at times. She has too mind blowing similes and double entendres, which helps her sometimes repetitive content. She also presents what she raps about in a charming way. The personality and energy she brings really isn’t matched by many others in the game currently. The instrumentals have improved like I said, samples are used and most are punchy and energetic; The in-your-face lyrics definitely help them stand out. Even with what I said before (with the lack of chemistry), there are some really great features from Young Thug, Dababy, to the duo on Go Crazy to even Beyoncé; they all drop fun verses and choruses that help Megan diversify her sound. There’s only the occasional sellout moment, like the attempt at making a dancehall hit on Intercourse. Despite that inconsistency, Megan has the energy and charm to carry this album above being just a standard female rap album. You can make an objection that some of these songs were just made for TikTok hits, (with the repetitive hooks that certainly will be on your homepage) but quick PSA, just because something was made for a commercial audience certainly doesn’t mean it’s bad at all. Neither does the subject matter this consists of; if you don’t want to hear tales of sex and money then perhaps this isn’t the album for you. It’s all about how (in this case) Megan presents these topics, which in my opinion she does pretty well, blending pop and hip hop like Nicki Minaj did ages ago. I do see the potential in her for non-club hits, the opener “Shots Fired” is honestly her best song yet. It’s her response to the controversy between her and R&B figure Tory Lanez. The instrumental has a Notorious B.I.G sample and her flow is on point, setting an imposing mood for the album. It’s undoubtedly a great response to him.

For the rest of the album, I’m going to assume that her label and people around her just want her to rap about sex, which is quite disappointing because she’s proved that she’s more than just a sex icon; it’s a shame that everyone just decided to cash in on her popularity, but that’s what makes this mainstream accessible. The bangers on this usually have to be backed by a strong and fun flow, along with her provocative bars to really reach their full potential. Most of the songs which I did have problems with don’t have the problem of being boring; the lazy choruses is what hindered them. (Body comes to mind). This trap project can’t be described as generic, but even though it is different doesn’t mean that it’s all good.

Altogether, the album has its flaws but there will be some songs that you desperately want to act up to, and most of them tend to appear at the end. It’s a club album, if you cut it apart critically, it won’t be the most consistent album.

Best Songs

Shots Fired, Circles, Cry Baby [feat. DaBaby], Do It On The Tip [feat. City Girls], Movie [feat. Lil Durk], Freaky Girls [feat. SZA], Go Crazy [feat. Big Sean & 2Chainz], Savage Remix [feat. Beyonce], Girls In The Hood, Don't Stop [feat. Young Thug]

Worst Song


Score - 8.2/10

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