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serpentwithfeet - DEACON

Josiah Wise, known professionally as serpentwithfeet has grown to be one of my favorite artists of all time.

His last album left a huge impact on me, and when he announced his second album DEACON, I was definitely excited for this release. Josiah details the topics and theme this album deals with. “a world wherein Black love is paramount…a study rather than a story delving into Black, gay love…“. This album isn’t like any average album, and serpentwithfeet isn’t your everyday-average artist. It’s a beautiful self reflection that celebrates all things personal. DEACON remains and relishes in the power of Black, Queer art, it also makes sure to carry through strong messages that are truly and honestly universal. Each one of these songs reaches out to all who have ever known love. Josiah’s first album focused on heartbreaks, this one is almost the complete opposite, it’s uplifting, atmospheric, and truly beautiful. From the brisk opener that is “Hyacinth”, to the somber closer that is “Fellowship”, we see an artist basking in the unearthly potential of his own songwriting ability.

“Amir” is a bit of a '90s throwback, with a smooth guitar line and captivating, layered vocals, which leads into the highlight “Sailor’s Superstition”. “Fellowship” marks the end of this journey, I’m not sure if anybody else feels this way, but I leave this album with a masterpiece, I couldn’t say it any other way. All of these songs – every single one – are of the same quality you might expect from universally-acclaimed and recognized artists such as The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, and Miguel. These are beautifully crafted songs, each one thoughtfully seamed into an endlessly replayable record. is a once in a lifetime experience, rich and elegant with one message. “love is central to a life well lived.”

Best Songs - Hyacinth, Same Size Shoe, Malilk, Amir, Dawn, Sailors' Superstition, Heart Storm [feat. Nao]
Worst Song - If I had to choose, Wood Boy

Score - 10/10

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